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A Dragoness's Anger (Vore) :iconwrittenvoreart:WrittenVoreArt 4 9
Mature content
A Tiny Intruder (Vore/Digestion) :iconwrittenvoreart:WrittenVoreArt 17 3
Vore Tournament Season 2 Roster
[Note: This is an old roster built around the time of December of 2014. It's viable to change at any second, and that is very possible. I haven't poked around with the roster since it's creation, bar a few little swaps here and there. Any changes will be placed into the change log. Also the final battle for the VT is on the way, but I felt I'd upload this first. Some information might be off, please inform me if you feel I got something wrong. Also if any of the following characters are younger than 18 they will be magically aged to that age or over, as I feel uncomfortable with vore involving anyone generally younger than 18, ages 16 and 17 being occasional exceptions]
---Change Log---
Number 30: Elsa (Frozen) -> Chun Li (Street Fighter) 6/24/2015
[Note: The Lucky Draws are basically randomly selected characters from the first season other than the final two. They have both been randomly selected.]
1. (Last Season's Winner)
2. (Lucky Draw 1) - Annabeth Chase (Percy
:iconwrittenvoreart:WrittenVoreArt 5 7
Fairy vore 2 :iconkarbo:Karbo 1,396 375 Korra vore :iconthefudgeman:TheFudgeman 199 3 Korra Getting into Asami :iconfeedfancier:FeedFancier 304 17 Vore gif 8 :iconthedogemann:thedogemann 273 25
My Sister's Plan (Vore Story)
It was that day of the week. The day Mom and Dad go out on one of there dates. That just left me alone with Jessica, my twin sis.
Jessica and I usually got along, so it wasn't that big of a deal. Most of the time on nights like these we would stay up until 5:00 watching an Anime or playing a video game.
Tonight, Jessica told me she had something special planned.
When Mom and Dad finally left, I approached my sister.
"So, what's your big plan for tonight?" I asked.
"I can't tell you, it's a secret." She replied with a wink.
This was one of those things where if I kept on asking, it would just ruin the fun, so I left it at that.
I made us macaroni and cheese for dinner. I know, not the best dinner in the world, but it's the best a 15 guy like me could pull off.
Jessica didn't eat a lot though. It wasn't like she wasn't hungry, and she definitely wasn't sick. Something was up.
We ended up on the couch watching Netflix for a while, until it finally turned to Midnight.
"Ok, it's time for th
:icondatstrudel:DatStrudel 148 8
Vore gif montage :iconthedogemann:thedogemann 405 25
Teacher Vore
Alex huffed as he sat silently in his chair, eyes on the clock. Nobody else around to tick off, no fun. At least he didn't have to do work. Somehow he had managed to be the only one in detention this Friday, a rare occurrence. However, it was not rare to find Alex there. His detention slips ranged from fights to skiving and he was nearing suspension.
"2 weeks off school is just what I need" thought Alex making a show of looking glum and crossing his arms.
Thankfully the teacher who was covering him was really hot. On top of that, all she did was sleep on a chair blocking the door and windows weren't an option on a second storey. The keys to the guarded locked door lay hooked well above her. She had blonde hair, and stood really tall. She had bright blue eyes and milk teeth.
Alex on the other hand was a blonde midget with blonde hair and brown eyes and an eye for trouble.
He looked up at the clock. Still 1 hour left! He looked desperately at ms Harriette who was on the verge on falling
:iconthedogemann:thedogemann 82 3
Babysitting Vore
Hannah dismounted her bike and wheeled it up the drive. This house was by far the biggest she had babysat at. The extra money would be able to pay for that school trip. She left her bike leaning on the wall and rang the door.
Hannah had caramel hair and very light skin. She had green eyes and was above her average height. The door opened to a pregnant woman who she was on the phone with earlier.
"Oh Hi sweetie, you must be Hannah! I thought you had to be older to babysit, are you up to it?"
"Y...yeah?" Replied Hanna, annoyed at this attitude. "I only ask for $€£2 an hour miss."
"Fine, fine... I'll pay when I get back as I don't know how long It will take. The kids are in the garden. Do NOT leave them alone. That's why I'm paying you."
At that the mother departed with Hannah inside and the door locked behind. Hannah was not used to this, but she only needed 4 more (insert currency here). She greeted the two girls out back, one 8 one 9. They were kind and sweet.
"Must be from
:iconthedogemann:thedogemann 62 2
Bad girl Vore
Sarah was far from what would be described as a well behaved girl. She was only 16 but she smoked, did drugs, alcohol and robbery. Her parents must have given up on her as instead of facing the problem, they were out of the house for as much as possible.
This lay her in charge of her lil' (swear word) of a brother. He knew more than to get in her way so he stayed in his room all the time probably crying like the little (insert previously used swear word). He learned from the one time he reported her to mum and dad that Sarah could inflict pain effectively.
Twas a rainy night while Sarah burst through the door. Bottle of beer in one hand, boyfriend in the other. Despite the cold and rain, there was more of her skin revealed than covered with clothes. Her boyfriend was only what could be called a douchebag. But Sarah was one too.
Due to how drunk they were, and their characteristics, Sarah's brother would probably be kept up by the noise.
The night for the douchebag duo went as follows.
:iconthedogemann:thedogemann 22 1
What are friends for? Vore
"No Mommy! Don't eat me!" I yelled as my mother chased me, somehow, she seemed to be growing, bigger and bigger until I was barely the size of a quarter to her! We were in a black area, with a checkered pattern tiles on the floor. After a minute of chasing me, her massive form caught up and grabbed me! She flicked me up in the air and I landed in her maw. She closed her lips, and swallowed Hard, I slid down the huge tub leading to the sack that is her stomach...
"AHHHHH" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I woke up from a horrible nightmare. I don't know what it was, but something has woken upside of me, something that hasn't scared me in so long...
~At lunch during school~
"Hey Jeff!" I smiled, bouncing over to my best friend in the whole world to get in line with him for lunch
"Huh? Hey Sara" Jeff said, trying to sound cheery, obviously faking after a moments pause
"Hmm, whats wrong?" I asked, exaggerating a frown
"Nothing," Jeff Smiled "Just hungry, and Tired"
"Why you so
:iconroguewritter:Roguewritter 270 76
Helping out sis -Vore-
Helping out sis!
(Most resent sequal to A child's innocent curiosity and what are friends for? Saga)
Oww! My stomach hurts so bad! What happened? I haven't eaten anything weird in forever! Ahhh! It hurts so bad!
I staggered down the hall from my bedroom into my brother Jeff's room. He was sitting in his favorite chair playing his Xbox.
"Jeff" I moaned
"Yeah?" He said, watching his screen
"I'm in soo much pain! Can you help me?"
"Yeah sure, whacha need me to do?"
"Go in my stomach and find out why its hurting so bad!"
"Yeah okay, gimme a sec, go lay on my bed"
I walked over to his bed and laid down. I liked his bed alot, it was really soft and warm. It reminds me of when I was a kid, and my mom would swallow me and Jeff, and alot of other places in her body we've been in too for that matter. I miss the good old days.
I beat the level in Too Human I was on and I saved and quit my game. I stood up and stretched out. I saw my sister laying on my bed, I walked up to her and put my arm
:iconroguewritter:Roguewritter 299 63
Breakfast For Amy (Vore)
It was morning and Kevin slowly got out of bed. He was tired, but that was kind of normal for him in the morning. Kevin slowly made his bed, and got dressed before heading out of his room. He found his sister on the couch, wearing no shirt, like usual. She was wearing just a pink bra, a pair of blue shorts and a pair of pink panties that weren't entirely covered by her shorts.
"Good morning." said Kevin.
"Morning." responded his sister, Amy.
"Have you eaten yet?" asked Kevin.
"Not yet." responded Amy.
"Well, then. How about having me?" asked Kevin.
"Sure." answered Amy.
Kevin walked over to his sister, who opened her mouth wide. Other than that, she didn't move. It was beginning to look like she wanted Kevin to do all the work. He would have to feed himself to her. He didn't really mind though, as long as he ended up inside of her belly at some point. Kevin slowly and gently began to push his head inside of her mouth. It slid in onto her tongue where she began to lick his face. He then
:iconzikik:Zikik 25 0
Best Friend's Sister (Vore)
Simon was at his best friend, Nicole's house again. He was alone on the couch of the living room and he realized that Nicole had been gone a while. He also realized that he had not seen Nicole's younger sister at all during his visit. Simon was curious, so he got himself up.
He walked into the hallway and walked to her bedroom door, thinking that she would be inside. Simon knocked on the door, then Nicole told him to come in. Simon slowly opened the door and saw Nicole on her pink bed. Nicole was wearing a black pair of panties and a black bra, that showed off a good amount of her chest. What caught Simon's attention, though, was the size of her belly. It was enormous.
"Um... where's Kira?" asked Simon.
"Isn't obvious?" answered Nicole, smiling.
"You ate her... right." responded Simon, "Why?"
"Well, she kind of asked me to." said Nicole.
"Is your sister sick or something?" asked Simon, "That doesn't sound like her at all."
"I'm fine!" came from Nicole's stomach, "Now, leave me alone!"
:iconzikik:Zikik 99 4


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